Michael Jackson Dolls

by Mary van der Heijden and Elke Diehm

Welcome to my website on which I like to show you my Michael Jackson Dolls collection.

These dolls were originally made in 1995, and were dressed in the outfit Michael Jackson wore in the ‘Black or White’ video.

When Michael died, I was so very sad and upset I felt I just had to do something to remember and honor him. I always loved to sew and to do needlework, and when I saw a doll with a smooth criminal suit on the internet, I decided to try and make one for myself. It turned out nice, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied and I didn’t keep this one myself. Then one of my daughters asked me to make the golden fencing outfit from the Dangerous Tour, it turned out very nice and that was the start of many, many more. At this moment my collection holds over 100 dolls.

I spend a lot of time searching for the right material because I like the outfits to be as close to the original as possible. Some only take a few hours to make, but others take weeks, like the jacket Michael wore while performing the song ‘what more can I give’. This jacket is covered with thousends of stones and they are put on one by one. I make many outfits, from the early years when Michael was part of the Jacksons, or Jackson 5, until the outfits that were meant for ‘This is It’.

Most of my dolls have restyled / rerooted hair and repainted faces so that they match to how Michael looked when he wore that specific outfit. I cannot do this myself, therefore I am very thankful that my dear friend Elke Diehm makes them for me. Without these beautiful heads, for me, my dolls wouldn’t be half as nice! You can see the different stages of painting and restyling on the page: ‘restyling heads by Elke Diehm’

And a special thank you to my friend Juan de Dios Ruiz Barrera from Spain, who is responsible for the great Spike head and the little Fuzzball. We all share our love for Michael and are very thankful he brought us together.

On the page ‘video’ you can find a video which shows how I make the outfits and what kind of material I use and also a video of rotating dolls. On the page ‘events’ you can find photos of events we took place in, and people we met. Like the exhibition in the Getty Gallery in London in 2012 where we met Mr. Michael Bush, or the taping of ‘the ultimate Chart show’ on Michael Jackson in Cologne Germany in 2014 where I met Mr. Jermaine Jackson. The dolls played a little part in this show.

You will find my dolls on this website sorted by era or event, they are showed in slideshows and overviews. In time more dolls will be added, because I am always busy making new ones.

Please note that I do not sell these dolls.

I hope you enjoy viewing the dolls and if you have questions or remarks, you can send me an email via my contact page or leave a message in my guestbook.


Thank you for watching!


Mary van der Heijden