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  1. Raulie Soto says:

    Love the Captain EO Doll. love your work can you pass on any information on how to build the Captain EO as far as where you found the clothes and miscellaneous thank you very much Raulie

  2. Deja says:

    It made me so happy to see all the detail and thought put into these amazing dolls!! So sweet and amazing!

  3. satastekin says:

    The Great Effort. Respect !!!

  4. Kati says:

    Your dolls are just beautiful! They bring Michaels beauty to life. The outfits are amazing!!
    So gorgeous! You have a real talent x

  5. Tamira Massey says:

    I love Michael Jackson I’m his number one fan, and always will be.I have all his music on my phone and all the pictures of him, and have posters and everything but his dolls.I really want one for my collection, I like the one from the victory era. I love your dolls with the cute little outfits. you are an artist your creation is fantastic, how can I contact you,What is your phone number.

  6. Maria Berglund Howerter says:

    Very interested in making one or two of these myself. Hiring someone to make one for me………I miss Micheal. Seeing your dolls almost made me want to cry. Everybody loved him then he was misunderstood and underappreciated by a world that forgets just how special he was. He was very special.

  7. Nesreena says:

    OMG I’m a big fan of your work <3 I really would Love to have one Please if you can make copies to sell it would be amazing to share your incredible work with all mj fans all around the world

  8. Rosalynn says:

    These are beautiful, amazingly detailed works of love. I am so grateful to have discovered them. In His L.O.V.E.

  9. Susanne M. says:

    Mary,the dolls you created with so much love and patience are really awesome ! I`m sure MJ would have loved every single of them !!! Thank you so much for showing them to us.- All the very best for you,Susanne

  10. Ariel Allovero says:

    I´m from Argentina… is very exciting to see your dolls. Great!!!!

  11. Michael says:

    Madam – you should pay more attention to your deep friend. Shall we try again 😉
    All my love

  12. barbara phillips says:

    can you i michael jackon doll from you pls and thank the one i wont fro you it michael jackson histroy teraser outfit pls and thank and get to me at email.pls and thank you by barbara phillips

  13. jeanette fuller says:

    I love everyone of your are a very talented lady.thanks for sharing them love Jeanette

  14. Sherry Khandia says:

    I love your dolls of MJ! Where can I buy one with those outfits.

  15. Nina Grimm says:

    Your work is awesome!!!

  16. Carlos melchort says:

    me gustaría saber si están a la venta

  17. Igor Radziński says:

    PLS I WANT TO GET THIS DOLLS this dolls is so good

  18. Fadly Jackson says:

    Amazing Collection MJ Dolls, Hope I can buy some of your Dolls 🙁

  19. Elham says:


  20. Michael says:

    Madam – you are great 🙂

  21. ciara says:

    hii!! love the dolls are they for sell?? i love to buy one 😀 🙂

  22. Stephani says:

    Hi!! I love each doll.. Are any of them available for purchase? :):):)

  23. Michael says:

    I love to be here and I cannot wait to see your next add!

  24. Alexis says:

    Who is your doll maker, because there is no way you could cast the face correctly with things at the store or do the outfits exactly like his with material at the store and the hair. You must have paid the doll maker a LOT of money. I love all the dolls but the only reason you are not selling them is likely do to copyright laws from the dollmaker or who ever you got these from, or you’d be selling them, you could make a TON. I love them though! You are lucky to have them.

  25. john fairbrother says:

    hi your doll are amazing thanks for sharing them with the world i love the captain eo doll ive now started to create my own but will not be as good as your work keep up the good work.