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  1. Michael says:

    Chin up! Things will get better. You are on the right path! Your site is incredible!

  2. Melissa says:

    Are these dolls for sale? I would love to buy one (or 2 or 3, etc) 🙂

  3. Susie says:

    Dolls are great, but the You Are Not Alone doll needs a white tshirt as michael never when shirtless, great job.

  4. Diana says:

    I LOVE YOUR MJ DOLLS, YOU SHOULD SELL THEM, I WOULD COLLECT ALL, REALLY TERRIFIC, What a talented artist you are!!! Michael would have LOVED these as well!

  5. kd says:

    you’re amazingly talented. love it. (B)

  6. Mary Suarez says:

    I LOVE your dolls! I love the details you put in your costumes. I’ve been a Michale Jackson fan since I was little and I’ve turned my 2 children, aged 7 and 2, into MJ fans as well. Thank you for sharing the photos of your dolls. Are they for sale?

  7. Ana says:

    Hello 🙂
    I´m a big fan of Michael Jackson, and i´m your fan too ;)I love you dolls, i´m in love with them 🙂
    I wish i could have a Michael Jackson doll 🙂
    Continue with you lovely work 🙂 Kisses

  8. Huckzter says:

    Hello Mary 🙂
    I´m a big Michael Jackson fan and i love your dolls !! AMAZING Details ! Thanx for showing us . :pray:
    Best Regards

  9. Mary Anthony says:

    Hi Mary, Your dolls are amazing. Keep up the good work!

  10. Denise Majette says:

    Mary your Labor of Love for a Man so Full of Love has Touched me so. Truly I have seen Outstanding drawings and paintings that take my breath away, but your sewing and attention to authenticating every detail of the costumes He wore is exceptional beyond words. I first read your account at the picture of Him in the “What more can I give”? jacket, and was moved to tears by your desire to keep Michael’s memory alive. I must say you Have answered that Question in the tedious, precious replicas You’ve given. These Blessed Gifts of Love by your hands in Honor of a Man who always gave His Best to Us says it all. Thank You So Much.
    I am Very Happy for you, to have met Michael’s remarkable tailor Mr.Michael Bush. A just reward for such an Amazing seamstress.:0:0

  11. suparna says:


    Your dolls are simply brilliant!What an artistic way of cherishing tne memories of one of the greatest artists and a musical genius that this world has ever seen! Simply love your creativity!! MIchael would have loved it if he were alive today! God bless you and your creative work.

  12. Kerry Hennigan says:

    Someone after my own heart! I travel the world with my MJ (King of Pop) doll and he has a number of outfits…a couple made by myself and others borrowed from the Top Toys MJ action figures, which I also have. But your creativity is astounding, lady. Well done you! I love your dolls AND their amazingly accurate outfits. God Bless and keep on Michaeling!

  13. Karen O'Halloran says:

    Hello Mary! Thank you for creating this website to share all your wonderful creations. You honour both Michael & his outfit designers with your attention to detail. It is a real pleasure to see all your handiwork!

  14. alicia stpierre says:

    i’m interested your dolls and i wanted to know your prices cause i have three of mj and i wanted to know if u have his bad doll @ his smooth criminial doll and his dangrous doll an his moonwalker doll i would really want to know your prices cause i can not find them anywhere else for a reasonble price. if u can get back to me it would be great to know ty alicia st.pierre ty:)

  15. Kimberly Dollhouse says:

    Beautiful. Amazing tribute to Michael!

  16. Brandon says:

    These dolls are awesome, hands down:pray:. Are the the two “Jam” outfits and the Dangerous period Billie Jean outfit for sale because I really want them and the Workin’ Day ‘n’ Night & Earth Song, too. Please write back because I need to know. Thanks. 🙂

  17. Sebastian says:

    Dear Mary,

    What a fantastic passion and amazing outfits! You are very talented! 🙂

    All the best, Iconic Magazine team

  18. Barbara says:

    ‘wow’ Mary I am speechless! LOVE B.

  19. Rosemarie Weiler says:

    Liebe Elke
    Bei meinen Recherchen zu dem Song “What More Can I Give” habe ich Deine Seite entdeckt und war begeistert. So liebevoll gestaltet und bis ins kleinste Detail hergestellt. So wunderschön!
    Jede einzelne Puppe eine Kostbarkeit.

    Liebe Grüße aus Köln

  20. Michele says:

    Your dolls are simply stunning! Amazing work , these outfits are spot on. Wow!

  21. Glenna says:

    Hi Mary. Thank- you for the beautiful doll suit you made for me , it looks gorgeous on my MJ doll

  22. Claudia Kwiatkowski says:

    Hallo Mary, wundervoll sind diese Puppen und outfits, ich liebe sie alle. Ich habe diese Seite erst heute gesehen, es macht viel Spaß hier zu gucken.
    Ganz liebe Grüße
    Claudia aus Deutschland

  23. Thérèse Ryde says:

    I am totally amazed and impressed. It is fantastic what you are doing. You should have an exhibition! L.O.V.E.

  24. André Santisi says:

    Hello Mary.

    I love your work on MJ dolls. Thanks also for sharing some of your art with me personally.

    Go on with your passion!

    Love, André.

  25. Your biggest Fan! says:

    Dear Mary,
    I am proud to be one of your first guests here and I want you to know, that there are no words to explain what I feel, when I see your gorgeous stage outfits! Keep on doing that!
    “This is it” – I told you long time ago that you are a great artist and I am proud to call you my dearest friend! This is really your stage and I am sure there will be many many of Michaels Fans visiting you :pray::pray:!