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  1. Paige-Victoria says:

    Wow these dolls are increable I have a little Thriller doll myself and when I found your page I honestly couldn’t believe just how cute and realistic they are, the time, effort and love you’ve put into them is increable well done. X

  2. Sylvie Lefevre says:

    I saw your amazing dolls at Kingvention and you are just as gifted and talented as Michael Bush…. MJ would have loved them!
    Thanks…it’ s a pity you don’t sell them!
    Hope to see them again at another Kingvention…of there is one!

  3. Gill Hills says:

    Such an amazing collection. Admired them at Kingvention previously and look forward to seeing them again soon. Thanx for sharing your beautiful Michael dolls.

  4. Roger Fung says:

    WoW….I’m so impressed about your works! Great Dolls Great Outfits! Bravo, Thumbs Up, Mary & Elke! ????????????????????
    Keep it up!

    A Big Fan of MJ, from Hong Kong.

  5. nicoledenise says:

    my truly amazement on how you work on these dolls were very eye candy and thought provoking. thanks mrs van der heijden. I love the j5 show ne the way to go marching outfits and the current mike look like jacqulien kennedy was a stunning appeal. keep up to design the good work on other dolls like amphibians and animals and stuff like that. thank you.

  6. Kerri Pollard says:

    Hi hun, I absolutely love your MJ dolls, you are so gifted 🙂 lovely to be able to see such beautiful work. You can tell that a lot of love goes into making these gorgeous dolls. Take Care, Kind Regards, Kerri xx 🙂

  7. Juritza says:

    hi Mary how’s it going? are you doing fine? so hows everything?

  8. Holly says:

    These are really special !! you have a great talent. The King of Pop would be so happy ! ! !

  9. Erica Hernandez says:

    lovely dolls! thank you!!

  10. Juritza says:

    hello miss im 17 years old and i always loved michael ever since i was a kid i love your dolls. their so cute

  11. Armando Franco says:

    que constp tiene el traje de la entrega de los gramys?, donde gano 9 de ellos

  12. Armando Franco says:

    que constp tiene el traje de la entrega de los gramys?, donde gano 9 de ellos

  13. Jonathanlanagston says:

    Can you make a White House jacket one please from1984 and the thriller one from the bad. Tour in 1988 please

  14. Jeniyah says:

    Can you send me one? P.s your in LONDON

  15. justin says:

    Beste mary

    Ik heb een belangenrijke vraag verkoopt
    U de kleding ook zoals de gold Dangerous
    Outfit ik wil deze graag voor mijn vriendin bestellen ze is stappel gek op michael wat gaat dat setje kosten

    Met vriendelijke groetjes Justin

  16. Mary says:

    I am excited to announce that one of our OOAK dolls will be available to buy in an auction in London to raise funds for charity. More info on the page: video’s and events.

    Hope to see you there!

  17. Isaiah Braxton says:

    One more can have the way you make feel and smooth criminal and golden elements jacket Trial jacket ghost with cape captain Eo and history tour dolls and invincible dolls and thriller dolls all of the dolls

  18. Isaiah Braxton says:

    Can you mrs make me ghost and Billie Jean and awards 1990 and bad Also all of the
    Dangerous and bad and thiller and rest of them

  19. Isaiah Braxton says:

    How did you make micheal jackson dolls

  20. Jonathan Langston says:

    Can you do Motown 25 please and the Pepsi commercial fire

  21. Frida says:

    I can´t choose a fovorite. They are all amazing! Congratulations. I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW TALENTED YOU ARE! Love.

  22. HEATHER GILLIS says:

    Are the MJ dolls for sale ?